Eye Fishing Syndrome

Here is a weird one for you.  Eye Fishing Syndrome (aka Mucus Fishing Syndrome).  It may sound TOTALLY unrelated to OCD, however it is actually linked to the disorder.

Eye Fishing Syndrome is marked by an obsessive need to remove those mucus-y strings that can form in your eyes using your finger, a tissue, the inside of your shirt etc.  If anyone has ever touched the inside corner of their eye and come away with a long string of goo they know what I’m talking about.  To the rest of you…this probably sounds pretty gross.


It becomes Eye Fishing Syndrome when you feel a repetitive need to try and clear the eyes of mucus, even when they are already clear.  It is linked to OCD much in the same way that trichotillomania or skin picking disorders are linked to OCD.  It is almost like the message in the brain never gets sent that the eye is clear. So the brain gets stuck, like a broken record, sending a signal that you should clear out your eye.

It may sound silly or just quirky, but it can be really distracting and potentially even dangerous to your vision.  People may not think much the first time that you pull the inside of your shirt up to your eye, but they do tend to notice the 6th, 7th, and 8th times.  It is also not very good to be constantly touching your eye with dirty fingers, or with the inside of a fuzzy sweater which can leave behind fuzz (perpetuating the problem of clearing out your eyes).  But despite these warnings if someone has Eye Fishing Syndrome it becomes very difficult to break the pattern, just like any other compulsion.

I am always learning new things that can be linked to OCD and continue to be fascinated by the intricacies of this disorder.

I am always learning new things that can be linked to OCD and continue to be fascinated by the intricacies of this disorder.

3 thoughts on “Eye Fishing Syndrome

  1. I have mucus fishing syndrome and trichotioma is both connected to my ocd. It’s so frustrating to live with this but I can’t seem to break the cycle. I take medication and see a psychiatrist

  2. I’ve had this IVs since I was a kid. Maybe since I was 12 or so. I’m
    Still doing the eye fishing and it sucks. I really need to find therapy. I’ve. Told my eye doctors and specialists about it and they give me steroid drops or otc gel drops. But I’m still doing it on a daily basis

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