High’s and Low’s

It is always amazing to me how much my opinion on my relationships, career, and even music can change depending on my mood.  If I am depressed and feeling negative I will think my boyfriend isn’t right for me, I have ruined my career, and that music just doesn’t matter to me anymore (!?!?!). If I am feeling particularly good suddenly I am dating my soul mate, my career will fall into place, and music speaks to my soul.

It is important to always keep in mind that we are constantly viewing the world through a lens made out of whatever chemicals are present in our brain at that moment. And while there is something to be said for positive thinking sometimes all we can do is say “things look bad because I’m feeling down today, I’ll revisit this when the lens is made of different chemicals”, then simply wait it out.

The yo-yo effect can be draining, you may ask how you are supposed to know how you really feel if you brain’s chemicals are dictating all of your opinions. But there is no certain way that you really feel, they are all just emotions. The best you can do is vow not to make big decisions when you are too high nor too low.

“We’re all at war with ourselves; that’s what it means to be human.”

——Sylar from Heroes

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